Mittwoch, 6. November 2013

Flowers in autumn.

Autumn in Mexico is completely different to autumn in Europe. That's for sure! Instead of falling leaves, rain and cold weather one can enjoy sun, 20 degree and cactus. Just joking! To be honest: I love it! But somehow I miss the opportunity to wear scarf and coats. Nevertheless I bought me some pieces for the season. Some shoes, shirts and a jacket. Easy as it is, I climbed the roof of my apartment and took some photos. This time with my friend Federico, who is also an exchange student (From Italy) in Mexico. 

I decided to stay in a grey mood regarding this outfit. Black shoes - black socks. Grey trousers and a bordeaux/brown colored flower print shirt. To stay warm a grey down jacket, because it may get cold… someday! I hope you like the outfit and tell me your opinion :)


Jorge Barceló hat gesagt…

Qué genial la camiseta!


Laura Packer hat gesagt…

this outfit is perfect! You are too good looking!! <3