Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

3D cartoon bags.

Todays post is about a new so called "trend" in fashion, I found on the internet. The 3D cartoon bags of Jumpfrompaper. Behind the name we find 2 designer girls from taiwan. No surprise that the bags look like out of a manga or something like that. They attracted my attention after I saw several people on www.lookbook.nu uploading photos with the piece. I also read about them on some other blogs. Seems like the two girls invested some time and cash on marketing and advertising. Even sources like MTV and Elle published articles about it. Well done girls!

But to give you my honest opinion: To me those bags are just ugly and silly looking. 

I just don't want to believe that those bags become a real trend. With which I mean that you can see them be worn on streets regularly. Sure, famous bloggers show them on their pictures.. that is called sponsorship. They get a bag or additional payment for that. Okay I have to admit, the style they are designed is cool. In a cartoon or a manga.. but please never let me see one in real life.


Neon Gold hat gesagt…

thats fashion, darling!
jedem das seine :)

Milene Rechena hat gesagt…

I actually think that they look great on pictures, it's funny and different. The concept and design really work, they look like Cartoon that's for sure. But I have to agree, I don't know if they look so good "in person".

Infamous hat gesagt…

Are you sure this isn't just shopped? ;)