Samstag, 9. November 2013

Favorite bags.

Last week I wrote about what certain kind of bags I DON'T like. This week I show you some types of bags I do like. Sure, the picture above just depicts some models. And believe me, there are around 23423423 more I LOVE! But since time and space is limited, I had to decide which ones I want to show you.

Basically I am a fan of backpacks. Every type of backpack, because depending on the situation you can look sporty, casual or even a bit elegant. Therefore my favorite bag collection has to contain some print backpacks. They give every look a fancy highlight. For those who like it more chic, I elected some backpacks with leather details. Leather details always guarantee you a classier presence..
But life is not just backpacks! For example at the gym, I prefer to take a sports bag. Above you can see my two favorites. I love the two patterns!


Milene Rechena hat gesagt…

I love the last one! It's really different from what we are used to see.

Sixth Tractate hat gesagt…

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die number is! weoww