Dienstag, 11. März 2014

One of those lazy days.

We all know those days.. No motivation for anything, tired of last night out but you still have to go buy some food. That occurs most likely on sundays, as in my case. Sergej was visiting me and we wanted to get some food. But first I had to put some clothes on. But what do you wear if you don't care? We decided to make a post about how we dress in those situations because it is definitely part of a persons fashion identity. 

On lazy days we are in the comfy mode:

Nike running shoes, brown yoga pants, some white shirt and a parka to cover. Basically the only thing I can recommend is to wear matching colors. That makes the whole outfit look harmonious. That rule applies allways! Wear whatever you want BUT MATCH COLORS! Otherwise you might look like a bum :D