Freitag, 7. März 2014

How to combine my new shoes.


When I saw those leopard shoes in Chicago's Topman shop I just loved them. In my opinion those shoes are perfect for Spring and Summer. You can combine them in several ways to perform different. Like in spring with warm earth tones to have it more classy or in summer with shorts and a simple shirt to keep it basic with a nice highlight. A vast number of combinations are possible with them! In my first outfit I decided to keep it a little classy without looking boring. What do you think?


A mix of classy and sporty is adorable! That is my opinion. Black leather loafers in combination with a dark skinny pant, a black metallic sweater and a red bomber jacket. That creates a metro urban sports look with shoes which will definately catch a lot of views! You can combine such shoes in many different ways. As in this outfit a little unconventional or just classy with a shirt, blazer and coat. For me those kind of shoes are definately a must have in every mans closet.

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alishayi hat gesagt…

Those loafers are gorgeous- love all the pieces.

xx Alisha