Montag, 9. September 2013

Wooden cabin.

Hey friends, here my new outfit of the week! Last week I was really really busy.. unfortunately I had no time to create a new post. Sorry for that! But because of that I have something really nice for you this week:

Jacket - Zara - 70€
Top - Bershka - 10€
Necklace - I dont know - 15€
Trousers - Zara - 50€
Shoes - YAYA - 20€
In total - 165€

Some pieces within this outfit are old ones, I still have from Berlin. Like the necklace, the jacket and the trousers. The top and the shoes are from Mexico. A simple Bershka tank top with print and striped comfy shoes. I love them!

For next week I have a little collaboration with a mexican fashion blogger. The guys name is Izael. Make sure you check his blog, it is really nice!
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Bünyamin k. hat gesagt…

Your outfit is stunning, man !

MuscleHustle hat gesagt…

nice post but do you even lift bro?

barba ramalewicz hat gesagt…

Nic! you look so great on these!

Isa hat gesagt…

This outfit and the photos are fantastic! Are you on bloglovin?

Drunk'n'Funk hat gesagt…

T-shirt and necklace are perfect!
xo xo

Mash Elle hat gesagt…

Great look! Love the shoes.

Followed :)

Xo, Michelle