Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

My hair make over.

The moment he told me "we change everything"
Convinced and happy!

The last time I went to the hair stylist was long time ago. My hair doe looked undefinable in the last time, just terrible! I wanted to go to the barber. The only problem was, that I knew no good hair salon in town. My buddy Shalim arranged an appointment with a hair stylist. Thanks Shalim! The hair stylist called Alberto Torres is a really funny and talented dude. His home is the Los Betos Salon in San Pedro, where he creates new styles 24/7. 
As I arrived I wasn't sure how to cut my hair. I mean I had no exact image in my head. As Alberto said he would love to make something totally different with me, I was curious and afraid as well. Sure, you never know whats coming. In the end he convinced me to colorize and shorten my hair... It was the best decision to trust him, I just love my new hair style! The grey/cyan highlights give the hair doe its special look, the contrast length makes it modern. In total: A awesome haircut! Thanks to Alberto and his team.

I can just recommend the Los Betos Salon, the ambient and the team was super nice!
On their Facebook Site you can get an impression of their artworks. Cheers :)


Katia Nikolajew hat gesagt…

love the new hairdo..your totally rockin it...Xo ♥♥

Anonym hat gesagt…
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Mystic Lipstick hat gesagt…

Love it, so stylish! You really have a nice blog, ¿Can we follow each other?
Im starting to post assiduously so I would love to know your opinion, here is mine:

Best Regards,

Nicole Aguinaldo hat gesagt…

Wow that style suits you! :)

Milene hat gesagt…

Looks great.
I'm waiting to see more pictures :)


hot hair. do care.

Stela Dimitrov @ Pure Salon and Spa hat gesagt…

I think anyone would be scared to leave their hair in the hands of someone they just met but I'm so glad it all worked out. Alberto's got some talent! And you look great!