Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Sandals for men - smart casual.

Hey guys! How are you? The last weeks have been suuuuper busy, so I had almost no time to post something or even take some nice photos. Plus the weather was really shitty.. But luckily that is over and summer arrived in beautiful Berlin. For this and next week I am going to show you my newest buy and how to combine it.

I found the black leather sandals at Zara for 50 Euro. A lot of people told me that they would not like sandals on mens feet, but as usual I don't care. I love them! In this weeks outfit I combined the sandals with black trousers, a black blazer and - to add some contrast - a white shirt. That makes the whole outfit casual but still cool. Just perfect to get some drinks on a nice summer evening :)


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Love the outfit, the Sandals amazing.


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