Montag, 7. April 2014

The leather biker jacket.

Hey guys, what's up? After a long and awesome week, I finally found some minutes to shoot some images on Sunday with Sergej. Thank god the weather was super nice! Not as much as my leather biker jacket, but quite nice. And here we have this weeks topic: The leather biker jacket! Basically I would consider it to be a must have in every mans wardrobe. The good thing about it is that you can combine it almost to everything. Well, it might be a bit expensive but it is worth every euro. You will look cool, trust me! On a regular sunday I was not really in the mood of dressing up. So I wore a simple white shirt, trousers and chelsea boots. Nothing special but still eye catching! Oh wait, this time I wanna show you guys the dude behind the camera. So here is sergejewitsch! :D

We had an awesome day! Have a nice week friends and stay tuned :)


Sofia W hat gesagt…

The jacket looks amazing! Absolutely worth every euro. :)

Alina hat gesagt…

LOVE absolutely everything, so glad I ran into your blog!


Kai hat gesagt…

krasses outfit! gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut

Karla Bathrick hat gesagt…

and you are looking gorgeously beautiful as ever. 
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Purchase Men Leather Jacket hat gesagt…

this is amazing outfit..