Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Stripes and blazer.

Hey guys, hope you all had a nice weekend? We had a calm and relaxed one after a week loaded with work and stress. Nevertheless we used our sunday to shoot a look - as usual! This time I wanted to present you one of my favorite trends: Stripes! Basically you can see this trend since a long time. Especially women like the stripes. On skirts, shirts or whatever. Now it is time for men to come up with it. That is my opinion! I combined my striped shirt in a sporty chic look. Black pattern blazer, grey trousers and my new grey roshe running shoes. All together it creates a chic but not to classy look. Perfect for office or spare time! Not to forget sergej: Dressed in grey, black and blue we matched pretty well. What do you think?


Chidiogo Maxwell hat gesagt…

Absolutely amazing!
So slick

Sofia W hat gesagt…

Simple and neat, love it!


Pierluigi Musco hat gesagt…

beautiful your look!!!

Magda Carvalho hat gesagt…

Loved the look are amazing :)

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