Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Faux fur.

Hey friends, I am finally back home - back in Berlin! Reason enough to start blogging actively again. Especially because I bought a lot of new clothes in the last time. To be more precise winter clothes. My favorite is definately my faux fur collar! It was a super deal at ASOS for 20€!!! Who would not buy that? Another nice accessory is my new favorite ring, which I bought at TOPMAN in Chicago. In combination with black chelsea boots, a black coat, black pants and a white knit sweater my whole outfit has that special classy touch. Oh wait, not to forget my super nice hat! I hope you like the outfit :)


Milex hat gesagt…

Izael Garrido hat gesagt…

me encanta el abrigoo!! es lo máximo
que bueno que ya estés en casa :)

alishayi hat gesagt…

You have such good style. Definitely following your blog- looking forward to your next posts!

xx Alisha