Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Black with prints.

Black is beautiful, isn't it? I am in love with it! It never goes out of vogue and it matches to almost every color. However I prefer to combine black with black. To me it is the best combination - classy, mystery and always cool. Since days are getting colder and colder, I needed a new coat. So I did some shopping and voilà there it was. I found my new coat at first sight at Zara. With its asymmetrical pattern and close up neck it looks as fancy as I needed it! Besides that it also keeps quite warm. Perfect! Directly next to the coat they placed this awesome print pants. I just had to buy it and so I did. What do you think about the pants at all? In combination with my black shoes the "black with prints" look is completed. I hope you like it.
This time I took the opportunity of getting photographed with my girls dog. He is quite a nice little guy, we had a lot of fun. Even tough he has a strong personality :D


Hadrien Leite hat gesagt…

Awesome outfit
just loved the pics
<3 Good job

Gelardo hat gesagt…

dope outfit

Milex hat gesagt…

what a great work!

Pauline hat gesagt…

So cool, Mister!