Freitag, 27. September 2013

Sunglasses for men.

Accessory is very important when it comes to fashion. This counts for woman and men as well. Normaly I am not one of those guys who wears a lot of jewelry. Maybe a necklace or some rings, but thats basically it. What I really love are sunglasses. Especially these days I need them quite much. The sun in Mexico can burn down really hard. What a funny coincidence that I just met a girl from Monterrey, who sells really nice ones online. I checked her stock and picked the ones, I liked most.

What do you think about them?
If you wanna buy some, check her facebook page!


Isa hat gesagt…

I shop at least as much for sunnies for my boyfriend as I do for myself :P These are really great though! You should check out zeroUV as well!

Minh Fâ hat gesagt…

The blue-green one is so great ! i want them so bad


die letzten! da stehen deine haare auch so keck!

Laura Packer hat gesagt…

love the bottom left ones :)

Ankita Saxena hat gesagt…

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